Tekken 2 Game

Tekken 2 is the second part of the amazing series but it can be considered as the first part of the series as well because it was major reason of the popularity of the series. It was very famous when It was released, then considered top-class games of all the time, but people were not aware that they will see many other great part after that.

Tekken 2 Overview

Tekken 2 is an arcade game that was initially released for the PlayStation device. When it earned awesome response from the audience then the developer made a great step. They provided the product for the other devices as well. We would like to mention those devices in details so, wait for the information.

Tekken 2 Game Free Download

It played a major role in the development of the series, it was a do or die update for the company since everything was dependent on the first part.

Tekken 2 Game for PlayStation

Tekken 2 was originally released for the PlayStation Device. It was very popular device in 19s, but since we have almost finished the first quarter of 20s century so, it’s almost impossible to locate that device, but the good thing is that PlayStation has been providing new products as well.

Tekken 2 Game Download For PlayStation

You can enjoy the game on the new products of PlayStation recently, Sony revealed PlayStation 5 device which is very attractive to see & gives awesome graphics designs which we were expecting from this update so, we are very happy about the update & let’s see what the new update brings.

Tekken 2 Game for Windows

It was the second main OS for the installment because PCs were very popular at that time and were expensive as well because PC can be used for the multiple purposes since it provides the option to read and write data in many forms.

Tekken 2 Game Download for PC

We have too much focus for the Windows version because it’s now very popular OS for the gaming because if you have gaming store, then PlayStation devices are comfortable because most of the home gamer prefer PCs because it’s multitasking operating system.

How to Install Tekken 2 Game on Windows

This question might be appearing in your mind because the installation of this version is very easy and all what you have to do is to install the setup file, and then everything is done. The installation was never an issue for any gamer, but we have still some users who have never done a simple game installation.


So, this section dedicates to them and it might be interesting information for them.

Tekken 2 for PlayStation Vita

I know that we have already one heading for the PlayStation, but this is totally different device. it looks a hand-remote device and it’s still available for the lovers because it’s very old device so, if someone has used this device, then he might have the device because he might be found of this childhood machine.

The screen of the device is like a Mobile phone and you need to connect the Wi-Fi device to download the game.

Tekken 2 for PSP-E 100

Tekken 2 was released in 1996 and PSP-E 100 was very popular at that time since there were no Android phones so, that’s why these operating systems were considered as an advanced OS device. These devices were very popular in 19s and it was also PlayStation’s products known as PlayStation portable.

Tekken 2 Game Download for MAC

The OS was similar to vita OS so, these were very popular devices in 1996.

Tekken 2 for Zeebo

Zeebo was the best device in 19s. You were required AV cable to connect it to the TV. It was like a machine, you need to connect joy-stick handle to the machine and if you still try to Google it, then you must find some of these devices and must be available on the online shopping sites like, Amazon.

Tekken 2 for Android

First android phone was launched in 2008 but the game was launched in 1996 so, this product is older than the android OS so, that’s why the version is not available for the android OS, but since the developer designed some products for the android OS so, we have Tekken 0.2 which is similar to PS version.

How to install it on Android

This installation is also very easy because you should download the application and then just open the application and allow device to install unknown source files and once the option is turned on, then it might take few seconds to install it and the user would be able to play it.

Tekken 2 for MAC

The game is not officially released for the MAC operating system, but the PC setup can be work on the MAC OS so, don’t worry about that so, the installation must be similar to the PC version so, check out the installation for PC.


It seems that we have collected and provided the best information of the installment so, please leave some comment to let us know that you are happy with our work and support my brand Tekken Tier.