Tekken 4 Game

Tekken 4 was the 4th game of the series and to be honest, I don’t like this version because of the availability of the characters. We have very limited numbers of character in the list. We will mention them all in the characters section. We have some improvements in the current installment as well.

Tekken 4 Overview

Tekken 4 is an arcade game which is considered very famous for the graphics view because it was the first installment which has improved graphics because Tekken 3 was very popular due to number of characters, but when it comes to graphics, then the previous update did not have the awesome graphics.

Tekken 4 Game Free Download

Tekken 4 is surely the upgraded version of the series and it was released in 2001 so, that’s the first part which was released in 20s of the Tekken series. It also has very limited OS platforms, but we would like to mention all those platforms and will give each of the detail.

Tekken 4 Game Modes

The list similar to the Tekken 3, but there are few changes that I would like to mention here.

Force Mode It’s similar to arcade mode which we have discussed in the previous article. It’s a single player mode, but there are some new features for this mode.
Time Attack Mode You must be aware of time attack mode if you have read the previous article. You have very limited time to pass a stage or kill the enemies. If you won’t kill them on time, then you have been killed.
Survival Mode Survival Mode is about surviving on the stage. It’s not like the arcade mode where you face just one enemies. Survival mode contains many enemies in a single stage. You should kill them without losing much strength of yours.
Practice Mode Practice mode is very important for the beginners & professional gamer because practice mods helps to improve the fighting skills of any character.

Existing Characters

Returning Characters

Bryan Fury Hwoarang
Kazuya Lee Chaolen
Marshall Law Eddy Gordo
Jin Kazama King
Lei Wulong Nina Williams
Heihachi Mishima Panda
Julia Paul

New characters

Christie Monterio Steve Fox
Combot Craig Marduk
Miharu Hirano Violet

When you install it on your PC for the first time, then you may see very few characters in the list and all what you have to do is to unlock the rest of the characters which have been blocked by the developer.

There are total 23 characters of the current update, but 10 are already unlocked while the others are blocked so, you have to unlock them by playing it again & again once all the characters have been unlocked, then you can completely enjoy the high-class graphics of the installment.

They have included 14 characters of the previous installment, but 9 were newly introduced so, let’s discuss them. Find out more about characters at here.

Tekken 4 Game for Windows

Windows is very popular OS now-a-days and most of the people use windows OS because its graphical user interface is very easy to operate. It can be run on Windows Xp, 7 and windows 10. If you have 64-bit OS of windows, then it might be for good for you because 64-bit OS is very supportive for games.

Tekken 4 Game Download for PC

Its size is 5 GB so, you have to do pay heed on the installation method because it’s a bit difficult to install it on PC because you have to configure some settings so, that’s why I’m looking for the attention.


System Requirements

Model & Processor Core 2 duo 3.0 ghz
Ram 4 GB DDR 2
Graphics Card 56 MB
Hard Disk 5 GB

How to Install Tekken 4 on Windows

  • Download the ISO file from this website
  • once the file is downloaded, then install Ultra ISO software
  • Burn the ISO File and then now download Pcsx 2 emulator
  • Configure pcsx 2 emulator and we would like to provide some bios setting of pcsx 2
  • wait for the video for bios, but let’s move to installation now
  • When you have configured pcsx 2 emulator, then Open it and select CD drive
  • Select the file available in burnt CD and click on OK
  • wait few seconds & enjoy the game 🙂

Tekken 4 Game for PlayStation 2 or Later

PlayStation 2 was very popular device till the 2015 because it was very expensive device and was not available in market in vast quantity, some of the gaming cafe had PlayStation 2 device since its size is 5 GB so, there was no direct setup installation for even PC because it was not officially released for PC.

Tekken 4 Game Download For PlayStation

We use the PlayStation’s version on PC and that’s why we must have pcsx 2 emulator which is actually PlayStation 2 emulator. Now we have PlayStation 5, but its price is over a lac Pakistani Rupees which is very costly right now, but we have an amazing graphics in PS 5.

There is no installation scene in the PlayStation device, you need to put the same file in the hard disk of PS so, just open the PS device and select the game. You should wait few seconds and enjoy it. The product is compatible for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 as well.

Tekken 4 APK Game For Android Phones

Tekken 4 is released for the android phones as well, but it was released after a decade when it was released for the PlayStation OS because we have told in the previous article as well that there was no concept of android when Tekken 4 was released so, that’s why the developer took too much time to release to for the Android OS.

Tekken 4 APK game Download for Android

How to Install it on Android

  • To install a third party application, you use need to follow some protocol of android phone
  • Since the application is not available on Google Play-store
  • Download the file from this site
  • once when you have downloaded APK file
  • Now open the folder where you have downloaded it
  • Open the file and it will ask for some permission so, do it according to it
  • you might face an error of rejecting the file of unknown source
  • There might be setting option to avail
  • Avail the option and open it, then allow unknown source option
  • Once it’s opened then you can install an app from your file manager
  • Wait some seconds until the setup installs, then enjoy it 😉

Tekken 4 For Xbox 360 or Later

Xbox 360 is also very powerful device and single tasking OS, but some extra features which have been missing in other device. You can run the audio & videos file on your Xbox device even you see a Xbox app player in Windows 10 as well.

Tekken 4 is available for the Xbox 360 and you can easily run it on 360 because it’s very powerful machine, but the latest version of the series won’t work on Xbox 360 which is Tekken 7, but we have still to make a lot of articles to reach the final article.


It seems that we have provided the complete information of the product & even for the most of the OS which are supportable for the product so, if you have still any query related to the data we have provided, then ask us and please enough by sharing our website Tekken Tier.