Tekken 5 Game

Tekken 5

Tekken 5 is the 5th game of the series and it is very popular product. It still has awesome ratings & viewership all around the world. People did like this product after the 3rd update of the series because 4th part was containing good graphics, but did not joy as much Tekken 3 gave so, that’s why the 3rd update topped the list for a long time.

Tekken  5 Overview

Tekken 5 is an arcade fighting game and I played this version more than anyone in the series because I remember that when it was released for public and the PCs were very expensive at that time so, I used to play this product on my cousin’s home.  I used to spend my whole day there & playing Tekken 5 all the time.

Tekken 5 Game Free Download

I was just addicted to the update and you will feel the same because it’s very difficult to get rid of this addiction. They had the both PC & PS device. It was the best time of my childhood like, coming from school and thinking about playing the game throughout the day.

Tekken 5 Game Modes

There are total 8 modes of the update and we will discuss them one after one. This update came up with much more interesting stuff so, let’s start.

Story Mode It is like an arcade type because you need to select a character and to win against 9 opponent characters and then player movie is started.
Arcade Mode Arcade mode is playing a different rule here and you have to face unlimited opponent characters there and as much you win as you can get the chance to customize the fighting player. It unlocks many great features like customizing the character or improving his/her rank in the list
VS Mode VS mode is for two players and you & your friend can play against each other, it’s mainly used mode of this product because many friends use to compete each other.
Team Battle Mode Team battle is understood from the title because you have to decide a team against the opponent, its single-player as well as multi-player. You can maximum select 8 team mates in a challenge while the minimum number is 2.
Survival Mode Survival is about surviving in a stage and there is one character selection and one character will face a lot of enemies in a single stage so, the stage is infinite because you can never reach an end line.
Time Attack Mode Time attack mode is expected mode in which you have the limited time to kill all the enemies. If you don’t win it, then you might loss at the end.
Arcade History It’s about the history of Tekken series and contains some important information related to all the previous installments of the series.
Customize Mode That’s the best thing which I liked about the Tekken 5 because it provides the customization of almost every player. You can change the dress or the hairstyle of any player even can make more customization so, we would like to suggest you to avail it and make your character stylish.


Existing Characters

Since it’s the fifth installment of the series so, many characters were introduced in last 4 parts so, we have the 5th part with many new characters and we would like to arrange new & old in different categories so, let’s see the new appearance.

I think that we have not skipped any character, but if you want to ensure that so, we have linked to the official page of name so, click here to visit.

Returning Characters

King II Lei Wulong Heihachi Mishima
Kuma II Nina Williams Julia
Ling Yoshimitsu Anna Williams
Panda Bruce Steve Fox
Paul Xiaoyu Jack
Jin Kazama Ganryu Armor King
Lee Chaolan Marshall Law Eddy Gordo
Bryan Fury Kazauya Mishima Hwoarang


New Characters

Asuka Kazama Feng Wei
Roger Jr. Jinpachi Mishima


Tekken 5 Game for Windows

Tekken 5 is available to play on windows operating system, but you have to do some things before playing it on your computer and I’m taking about the issues that you can face during the installation. Let’s talk about the windows OS. The users have no restrictions to play it on specific version of windows.

Tekken 5 Game Free Download For PC Windows

All the OS of windows are supportable for this installment. Windows XP was the first OS which I used to play this installment and Windows XP have 32-bit OS, but 32-bit is not suitable for the gaming because you may face any error if you try to play any game, but Windows XP was the best windows for the games.

The installment is playable on the rest of the OS of windows as well whether it’s Windows 7 or Windows 10, but we would like to suggest having 64-bits operating system of these windows because 64-bits OS is games-friendly.


System Requirements

System & Processor Core i3 3.0
Ram 4 GB DDR 2
Graphics Card 512 MB External
Hard Disk Space 5 GB

How to Install Tekken 5 on Windows

  • Download the ISO file from this website
  • Install Ultra ISO and burnt ISO file through Ultra ISO
  • Now Install Pcsx 2 emulator and configure it
  • Insert the bios which we have provided and run it
  • Once the configuration is done, then open Pcsx 2 emulator
  • And select CD 1 and open the existed file
  • Play & enjoy it 😉

Tekken 5 Game for PlayStation 2 or Later

Tekken 5 is actually released for the PlayStation devices and it was available for the PS 2, we use the setup file for the Windows operating system as well because the developer did not release it for the windows OS rather they released the pcsx 2 emulator which is PlayStation 2 emulator for the windows OS.

Tekken 5 Game Free Download for PlayStation 2

Pcsx 2 emulator is used to read the PS files which are actually released for PS devices, but we can say that pcsx 2 is a reader of PS files so, that’s why it’s very  important for the windows OS. Apart from this series, you can also run many other installments from the other series as well.

Tekken 5 APK Game for Android Phones

Android is very popular OS now-a-days. To be honest, people use android OS more than other OS so, that’s why the developer has made it available for the android OS because the previous product earned too much rating of the android version and the release was also expected.

Tekken 5 APK Game Free Download for Android

How to install it on Android

  • To install an application from a 3rd party, you need to follow some protocol
  • Download the application file, then open APK file
  • You may face an error and ask for the allowance of unknown source
  • There exists one setting option so, avail it
  • You may find the option to turn on allowance for the unknown source
  • Once the allowance has been guaranteed, then open the APK file again
  • Now install it & wait few seconds until it reaches the finishing point

Tekken 5 Game for Xbox 360 or Later

Xbox is also an important gaming player and very common now-a-days. If we compare the quality of the video between PC, PS and Xbox, then we may find that Xbox is providing the amazing graphics video so, it’s very interesting device for those who want the high resolution.

Two methods are available to run the installment on Xbox. First one is to buy a DVD Disk which is very costly option for sure. Second option is to download the file from here and run it on your device which is free of cost option to avail.


It seems that we have collected & provided the best information about the product so, if you have any query related to the product, and then just let us know by commenting below. We did a hard work to entertain you by the article so, please encourage us & support my brand Tekken Tier.