Tekken 6 Game

Tekken 6 is straightway 6th part of the series and it’s the best product for some reasons. I would like to reveal those reasons here so, let’s start it. We have provided the most of the product of the series and that’s the second update we have because we have one pending part to post on our website.

Tekken 6 Game Overview

Tekken 6 is an arcade fighting game and containing lot of playing modes, we have created a separate section for the modes and will disclose all the modes in a briefed details so, you have to wait until then. Tekken 6 is very amazing product and second last part of the series, but its requirements are very low.

Tekken 6 Game Free Download

You can set an popular example for this product which is to buy quality thing in low price because its specifications are very low as compared to its feature so, you can have good high-standard game on a normal PC which is the best thing I have noticed about it.

Tekken 6 Modes

Arcade Battle Arcade mode is very amazing option to test your fighting skills because you can fight against an opponent even can be used for the multi-player as well.
VS Battle VS battle is used to face a second opponent who is sitting next to you. It may be your friend, or family member even if we go to Gaming shop, then we may see many skilled players sitting there so, if you want to compete them, the VS mode is the best.
Ghost Battle Ghost battle was introduced in this product and there was no concept of ghost battle before this version so, this mode is very interesting and considered as endless because infinite enemies come you have to kill here.
Team Battle Team battle is to play against multi-player and you have to select 8 characters of yours and the second team will select 8 random players and the last standing will be considered as the winner. It can be played for the multi-player as well because if one of your friend sitting right to you, then he can play it as well.
Time Attack Battle Time attack is used to perform well in less time because they may give you limited time to pass the stages and you have to clear the mission within the provided time. You can’t avail more than give time so, it’s do or die battle mode.
Survival Battle It’s about to survive till the end and you have to play a mission and have to survive till the end of the challenge, if you can do this, then you may win otherwise, you are a loser.
Practice Mode Practice mode is to improve the fighting skills in the game and it can be sued as a battle version as well because if you and yours friend want to make the practice at the same time, then you should select this mode and it will allow to make practice against each other.


Existing Characters

Since it was the second last part of the series so, it’s included many great players. We are going to mention most of those players.

Jin Kazama Law Paul Kazuya Mishma Heihachi
Hwoarang Lee Alisa Nina Williams Craig
Jack Asuka Yoshimitsu Bryan Xiaoyu
King Marshall Law Lili Lars Eddy Gordo

Tekken 6 Game for Windows

We are very happy to tell that this product is available for the windows PC and there is no setup installation and you have to do a little effort to make it work on your windows operating system. There is no restriction of playing it on any specific windows Operating system.

Tekken 6 Game Free Download for windows PC

The game is workable on all the products of windows whether it’s windows XP , Windows 7, Windows 10 considering both 32-bit & 64-bits OS of windows. We need a PPSSPP emulator to run the product because the direct setup file is not available for the PC so, we need a third party emulator to run it.


How to Install Tekken 6 on Windows PC

This is very easy thing to perform so, you should not worry about the installation of the product.

  • If you have downloaded the file, then just open it using Winrar software
  • Extract the containing file & open the extracted folder
  • There must include a folder of PPSSPP emulator
  • Open the folder & run the PPSSPP emulator
  • If the emulator is launched, then open load file
  • Select the file & play it on your windows PC

System Requirements

Processor Core i3 3.0 Ghz
Ram 4 GB DDR 2
Graphics Card 512 MB
Hard Disk Space 2 GB

Tekken 6 Game for PlayStation 3 or Later

Tekken 6 is playable on PlayStation 3 device since PlayStation is the best device for the gaming stuff and every gamer is aware of this device and now the device the very cheap & affordable for many gamer because it was not in range for many gamer a long time ago because most of the gamer are not self-dependent.

Tekken 6 Game Free Download For PlayStation 3

PlayStation Portable is also supportable device for this product & provides the awesome video graphics. We have two options to play it on PlayStation portable. First option is buying a premium DVD of the product which is very costly thing to do. The second option is more obvious to download it from this website.

Tekken 6 APK Game for Android Phones

This step was expected since android is most used device now-a-days and releasing it for such is surely good because It gives more reach of your reach so, that’s why the developer Namco has made it available for the android phones.

Tekken 6 APK Game Free Download For Android

We have revealed the installment method many times before so, why not one more time because the installation is a bit change from a daily routine. If you do install an app from Google Play-store which is quite easy because all what you have to do is to click on download button, but when it comes to 3rd party APK, then it’s a bit difficult than other method.

How to Install Tekken 6 APK on Android Phone

  • To install a 3rd party application, you should perform several things before, and then you may able to install it.
  • Once, the file has been downloaded, and then just opens the application
  • Give the permissions which are required to give
  • Make allow unknown source issue
  • Once, unknown source application is allowed to install
  • Then just re-click on install button & wait few seconds

Tekken 6 Game for Xbox 360

Xbox is also considered as a gaming device so, Xbox can be used to play this product as well and if you see Tekken events where many professional come to compete, then most of the organizers use Xbox devices because Xbox devices provides the best graphics as compared to PC & rest of the gaming devices so, Xbox is always the first choice of gamer.


We have been reached & moved to conclusion and want to tell that we have provided the most previous data about the installment so, we have provided most of the installments of Tekken series so, please keep support us and check out my popular article which is based on Tekken 3 free of cost.