Tekken Tag Tournament 1 Game

Tekken Tag tournament 1 was released in 1997 just after the Tekken 3 which is also provided on this website. You can get the link from the main menu of the website. Now let’s come back to tag series. It was the first tag installment of the series and there is something different in it. It’s not about the solo player.

Tekken Tag Tournament Game Overview

Tekken tag tournament 1 is an arcade fighting game which was released for the PlayStation device. It was also available for the PC as well, but the developer took some time to release it for the PC version. It’s similar to the other parts, but it may have only one difference which is that it does not support the solo player.

Tekken Tag Tournament 1 Game Free Download

You have to select 2 characters for a single challenge and they both will compete in each round so, that was the best thing about the product which was missing in other installments. It also earned too much respect since many new players were introduced after the 3rd part of the series.

We can say that it was a successful installment since it was made with some positive changes.  People really liked this product because it was supportable on the low speed processor as well so, the specifications were never an issue to play it.

Game Modes

This update has only one mode of gaming which is arcade mode where you can compete with one opponent whether it’s computer or the second player, but still it provides the option to customize the rounds & stages stuff like, we can change the time of the round. We can even customize the rounds as well.

If we want to have 2 rounds for a challenge, then it’s possible to do. You can even select three rounds for a single challenge and it’s up to yours desire. Many people set three rounds and the reason is that they want a decider match which is not a bad thinking.

Existing Characters

Since we have provided the 5th installment of the series so, we have introduced most of the player so, there is no other extension in the current update since it was released in 1997, but the 5th part was released in 20s so, we may say that we have all returning characters.

Alex Eddy Gordo Jin Kazama Ling Xiaoyu
Mokujin Angel Forest Law Jun Kazama
Michhelle True Ogre Orgre Tiger Jackson
Hwoarang King II Panda Yoshimitsu
Bruce Julia Roger Devil Jin

Tekken Tag Tournament 1 Game for Windows

Tekken tag 1 is available for the windows OS and it’s not available in PlayStation emulator, but you can play it on mame 32 emulator which was very popular in early 20s, but we don’t consider it a good emulator now-a-days, the reason is obvious because MAME 32 was a small games emulator like, Super Pang, Puzzle Bubble etc.

Tekken Tag Tournament 1 game Free Download For PC Windows

The current installment will also work on Mame 32 emulator because it’s supported for the emulator.  Windows XP can be very supportable for the emulator, but even you can run the product on the rest of the Windows OS as well like, we have Windows 7, Windows 8 & surely Windows 10.


How to install it on Windows

  • The Installation is damn easy
  • You need to extract the file, and then open the folder & emulator
  • Press F5 to find out the available games once, the available games are available, then find & select it
  • When it’s loaded, then presses 5 button to insert some coins & use Tab button to configure the setting

System Requirements

Processor CPU Pentium 4
Ram 1 GB
Graphics Card 16 MB
Hard Disk Space 100 MB


Tekken Tag Tournament 1 APK Game for Android Phones

The product is also available for the android phones and even the update is also available on the Google Play-store as well, but we will provide a full version so, you should download it from here.

Tekken Tag Tournament 1 game Free Download For Android

There are some specifications of the APK file so, to run the APK file, your android must be compatible to the needed specification. The android phone must be greater 5.0 android OS which is very common & cheap.

How to install it on Android Phones

To install a 3rd party app you need to perform several things so, let’s talk about them

  • Once you have downloaded the file, and then open it
  • They may ask for the permission to be guaranteed
  • You should allow unknown source application
  • Once you allowed the option and then click again on install button
  • It may take few seconds to install properly
  • Wait & enjoy it then

Tekken Tag Tournament 1 Game for PlayStation

PlayStation was always the first option for the Namco because most of the installments were released for PlayStation then for PC so, the developer always prefer PS over PC so, that’s why many people prefer to buy PS over PC because PS gives the awesome graphics video which is lacking in PC.

Tekken Tag Tournament 1 game Free Download For PlayStation

We are not saying that PC can’t give good graphics video, we are just trying to say that if we compare the both OS, PS is winning surely because PS is mainly launched for gaming stuff, but we can use PC to perform different task & to do work through PC.

Tekken Tournament 1 Game for Xbox Series

Xbox is very powerful gaming device, if we held a competition between all of these three OS which are used for gaming, and then Xbox is the first choice because its features are really amazing. We love to use PS, but Xbox is winning at every step. Recently, Sony revealed PS 5 including specification, but new device of Xbox is still far better with cheap price.


We did too much hard work to collection & provide the information related to the update of Tekken series so, we know that you surely liked our content & website so, please keep encourage us & check out the best update of series which is Tekken 3 Game.