Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game

Tekken Tag tournament 2 is the second last product of the series, it was released after Tekken 5, but before the 5th part of the series. These are the last parts of the series since we have provided most of the articles related to series. The first tag installment was very amazing product which was released in 19s, but it was released in 20s so, expecting too much new.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game Overview

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is an arcade fighting game. The product was developed by Namco. It’s not solo character because you have to select at least two characters for a single challenge like we have discussed it in the previous tag series. It’s totally different from normal updates series of Tekken including Tekken 3 and the rest of the parts.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game free Download

This version went viral due to its graphics and it’s considered second last installment according to the video quality because Tekken 7 tops the position, but the current installment comes second in the list. The developer does provide the updates of the same version and they provide something new every time which I really liked about the product because they do provide new features in every update.

Game Modes

We have most of the similar modes in the current installment, but few new modes have been introduced so, we are surely going to discuss them here.

Fight Lab It’s launched for the beginners to learn more about the product so, play it & pass the mission to be aware of its features.
Tekken Tunes It’s best option that we have seen in the Tekken series. There are various amounts of music and you have to select one of them for the stage even you can also choose & select a custom music from your computer gallery as well. It will remain your choice for sure.
Arcade Battle Arcade is the most common battle in the product because you have to compete against an opponent whether it’s computer or second player. You can select any two players for a single challenge, but the selection is yours.
Ghost Battle Ghost battle was introduced in Tekken 6 and still carrying in tag 2 so, that’s not a new inclusion, but we still have few people who are not aware of this mode. Ghost battle runs for the infinite time and seems endless.
VS Battle VS mode is very amazing battle mode because it helps to compete with your friend or someone who is professional in the game so, you both can compete each other & showing skills. VS is most used platform of the installment.
Team battle We have discussed this mode many times before, but let’s discuss again. Team battle is containing 8 team mates and you have to compete against a team which is also containing 8 players so basically, it’s 8 VS 8 challenge mode. The last standing men will be considered as a winner.
Time Attack It demands to clear the stage as possible as you can because it provides very limited time to pass the stage.
Survival Battle It’s also considered endless stage because you have to face endless enemies in this battle.
Practice Mode Practice mode is very common and available in all the updates of the series because practice is the basic thing and to improving the fighting skills we need to have more practice so, that’s why this mode is very useful since it provides the feature to do more practice as much you want to do.


Existing Characters

Most of the characters were introduced in the previous installments, but they do provide new characters on every new update. The previous installments were very limited because there was no concept of providing new season of any installment, but the developer added an amazing feature to provide new seasons for this product.

We will recall all those players which were available in the previous product and will also discuss the characters which are recently added so, let’s start.

Jin Pachi Paul Nina Williams Anna Williams Heihachi Mishima
Devil Jin Roger Jin Julia Lei
Armor King Panda Jack Ogre Michelle Chang
Alisa Slim Bob Steve Fox Bryan Combot

We have added just 20 characters in the list and to find out more, you can visit various website so, are gonna link one of them. Check out more characters at the official website of Tekken series.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game for Windows

To be honest, we are really sorry to tell that this product is not available for the windows operating systems and we are not confirmed about the reason, but somehow the developer has not made it release for the windows OS which is very disappointing thing to discuss because windows is very popular OS for gaming, but we can’t do anything.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game Free Download For windows PC

As I have told that we are totally hopeless here because I tried many ways to run it on windows OS, but I was never succeeded. I made the try because I knew that some of the previous installments were not officially available for the PC, but people kept on trying to play them on PC and they were succeeded, but I never succeeded.

Since the product is not available for the PC so, we can’t provide its requirements & the installation method for the windows OS so, let’s skip it today and we will discuss this stuff once It releases for windows.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for PlayStation 3 or Later

PlayStation 3 was the main target of the developer and when you run the product, then you do see PS logo in the installment. It was the main focus of the developer since the beginning because most of the products are available for the PS OS. Tekken Tag 2 suits to PS 3 because Tekken 2 is having awesome graphics.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 game Free Download For PlayStation 3

Secondly, the video graphics of PS device is of another level. We love to play it on PS devices, I have bought a Led to play it and I really do enjoy it playing on PS 3. You may see awesome graphics there because its quality is 4K almost which is also considered as Ultra-HD.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 APK for Android Phones

Android phone is very popular device and android is having more than Billions of users around the world so, the developer did not want to leave the awesome platform. You may have a supportable android device which should fulfill the specification of the game because if the android system does not meet the game’s requirements, then you may try a better android device.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 APK Game Free Download For Android

We have the full version of APK file so you have to pay some attention to learn the installation method. It’s a bit difficult to install 3rd party APK file because you need some permissions to allow the system to install the application.

How to Install Tekken Tag Tournament 2 APK Game on Android Phones

  • Once the file has been downloaded from this website
  • Open the file manager & open the APK file
  • Once you open it, then it may ask for the permission to allow unknown source
  • You should allow unknown source application, and then restart the installation
  • Wait few seconds until it installs properly
  • Play & enjoy it on your android phone 😉

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game for Wii U

Wii U is very popular OS and it looks a joystick handle and works like an android OS and the device is surely very powerful because you can’t choose the random devices for the tag 2 so, that’s how you can imagine the reputation of this device.

You need a mobile setup for the installation of the product on this device like, I remember that tag 1 was launched for PSP device which was similar to the current device.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Game for Xbox 360 or later

To play this product on Xbox series, then you must have Xbox 360 device because Xbox 360 is very powerful device as compared to the previous devices of which were introduced by Xbox. Tekken tag 2 is very high-standard product so, it surely need some high-class device to run it so, that’s why we suggested you Xbox 360.

If we compare the progress of the Xbox, then Xbox 360 comes at the second number in the list because Xbox One is the most powerful, but I think that recently, the developer of Xbox has introduced another amazing Xbox device which is even higher than Xbox One device so, this brand has a surely bright future.


We have provided the most important data for our users and expecting a lot in return of this effort and if you still have any issue or query related to provided data, then please let us know in the comment below. Please keep supporting us and promote our brand Tekkentier.